About Us

OCATO is a company specializing in the design, development and sales of smart wearable devices. It independently develops intelligent hardware products. With the help of the Internet, the company is facing the users, reducing all intermediate links, focusing on user experience, and product design can be fast. Respond to rapid changes in user needs, while traditional companies lack the means and methods to connect users. Our team comes from the Internet and traditional industries. We have an in-depth understanding of the two industries. We hope to eliminate the life of all traditional industries that are not suitable for the Internet. We do not agree with some traditional enterprises to stand on their own feet or never see the profound changes brought about by the Internet. We have access to a large number of traditional companies. Their advantage is that they have their own product brands and strong distribution channels. We also understand the many problems they face. We have found a solution for them to enter the Internet+, regardless of the products. At the level of marketing, we hope that we can use our innovative help to help all traditional enterprises step into the Internet + and continue to show their brilliance in the mobile Internet and even the future of the Internet!